7 Eco-Friendly Friendship Gifts

Mencius says that friends are the siblings that God forgot to give us, so aren’t we glad (and lucky) that we have a few of them in our lives? From time to time, a simple gesture like a surprise friendship gift with or without an occasion is a nice gesture to show them that we value their presence and that we’re glad they choose to stay with us through thick and thin.

As they say, the key to a meaningful relationship is to always go the extra mile for the special people in our lives. So, why not take your friendship gift to the next level? Why not be extra creative and thoughtful with your gift?

Here’s a suggestion, why don’t you try some eco-friendly gifts to show your friends that you care about them and the world they live in. They’ll appreciate the gesture, even more, especially the eco-conscious ones.

Need some ideas? Here are a few friendship presents that won't damage the environment.

1. Organic Spa Gift Box

Most of us nowadays live in the fast lane, so it’s important that once in a while we find time to relax. Chances are you and your friends are longing for a designated spa day to treat yourselves and wash all your worries away.

So, why don’t you gift them an organic spa gift set that comes with a bath bomb, soy wax candle, soap bar, honeycomb sponge, and more? Premium and sustainable, it’s the perfect present.

They won’t just feel more relaxed but every time they step foot in a spa, they’ll remember you, thus strengthening your bond even more.

2. Plantable Pencils

Speaking of creativity, why don’t you gift your friend a plantable pencil? Yes, by plantable we mean that the pencil comes with a seed found in the rubber area that can be planted later on once it’s all used up.

These pencils are lead-free, biodegradable, and meant for your doodling-loving friend. This is a perfect gift for the people in your life that have got green thumbs and are artists. It compels them to draw because once they’ve used the pencil up, then they can plant the seeds.

Not only it is a nice gesture but you never know, you might ignite their passion for art once again.

3. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Essentials

From something artistic to something practical. Part of adulting is cleaning, a lot of cleaning. Unfortunately, most of the cleaning products today contain harmful chemicals and plastics. For your eco-conscious friend, that’s always going to be a struggle.

Sustainable cleaning essentials include reusable bottles and cleaning tablets, among others. Instead of continuously buying plastic bottles with the same old harmful cleaning formulas, try out Smol instead!

A perfect gift for your neat freak BFF.

4. World Wildlife Fund: Adopt an Animal

A gift in lieu of so much more than a present can make you and your friend even closer, especially if it’s for a good cause. The World Wildlife Fund Adopt an Animal program allows you to pay as little as £3 a month for a plush soft toy, a welcome kit, regular updates on your animal, a certificate, and a video call background.

This is perfect for your nature-loving friend. It’s not just eco-friendly but also will help save endangered species. A donation on their behalf is a gift that your friend will surely appreciate.

5. Herbs and Spices

What’s more organic than gifting your friend herbs and spices to grow? Put them in a sustainable pot, make sure to pick out their favourite herbs and spices to cook with, and gift them lots of them.

This is perfect for the friend that loves to cook. They just might be inspired to cook more frequently for your group moving forward. Plus, they’ll see your pots daily in their kitchen or home and they’ll think about your unique gift idea every time.

6. A Zero Waste Kit

Plastic has always been the bane of our planet. It takes centuries to degrade and our reliance on it has been a hard challenge to fight against. By gifting your friends zero waste kits, you get everyone involved in the fight for survival.

Your eco-conscious friends will surely appreciate it. They’ll have eco-friendly stuff to use day to day starting from straws, reusable cutlery, and so on.

Going about your day using things that don’t hurt the environment is a great feeling. These are simple gifts but meaningful ones.

7. Sterling Silver Jewellery

Let’s end our list with something both precious and elegant. Gift your friend Sterling Silver Jewellery — the perfect friendship present that won't damage the environment. There are lots of designs to choose from that can reflect your friend’s personality or a special memory that you share.

The silver used in these pieces of jewellery is recycled and comes in plastic-free packaging. Enter Heart ensures that all its jewellery is made in the UK to lessen the carbon footprint in the process of crafting them. Each piece is made by a local artist and comes in a beautiful gift box along with a greetings card which is printed on FSC certified paper.

Your friend will not only look good but also feel good knowing that they are wearing a sustainable piece of jewellery that was crafted with good intentions.


Friendship is balsam to the soul just like eco-friendly gifts are balsam to the planet. It’s no question that eco-friendly gifts are the most thoughtful of them all. So, start giving them out today.

Whether it's for an acquaintance, friend, best friend, co-worker, or family, anyone would appreciate a sustainable gift. It will not only strengthen your bond but also help save the very planet we live on.