A Thoughtful Gift for Friends

What is a thoughtful gift? For some, it could be something that a friend has wanted for a long time. For others, it could be a small trinket full of sentimental value to the one receiving it.

Coming up with a thoughtful gift for a friend can be hard, simply because it needs to carry an important message; that they are loved.

Before making a purchase, many people will look for a gift that reflects quality, beauty, and sustainability. A thoughtful gift will also show kindness through personalised messages while expressing value and sophistication. Luckily, these precious gifts don’t have to burn a hole through your pocket, either. Read on to find out more!

What Makes a Good Friendship Gift?

When people think of friendship gifts, some of the things that come to mind include expensive items that come from branded stores. Other times it can make them think of fancy services such as spa treatments or getting a membership at a luxury hair and nail salon. There are also smaller gifts, such as a new top from one of their favourite stores, or a Costa gift card.

For a unique friendship gift that shows just how much a person is loved without going over budget, our beautiful gift boxes do just that. Each piece of silver jewellery inside is recycled and handcrafted by local artists, helping us to support the British industry. Moreover, we make sure that our products are crafted from eco-friendly materials, so buyers can be sure that each package is free from plastic.

The Best Time To Give Friendship Gifts

It might be sad to think about but these days, many people will only send gifts when there’s an occasion. However, any time is a great time to treat friends and family to a present that shows how special they are. When looking for a great gift in the UK, be sure to consider something that is meaningful.

Whether the gift is needed for their birthday, Christmas, graduation, or just for another year together, personalised gifts are always appreciated. People will often organise a get-together with their close friends and surprise them with a small trinket. Even if a friend is miles away, a special gift box shipped right to their door can still tug at their heartstrings no matter the occasion.

Our range of stylish hand-crafted gifts will be sure to put a smile on their face, with each package designed small enough to fit through the letterbox. Inside these pretty gift boxes is handmade jewellery made using recycled sterling silver. Each design makes for a lovely surprise to friends, family, and loved ones, making it so much more exciting to receive as they check their mail.

Shop Our Thoughtful Gifts of Love

A thoughtful gift doesn't have to be expensive, all it needs to do is to show how much someone means to another. A present that reflects a person’s passions and personality is full of meaning and has been given careful consideration. There are various kinds of appropriate gifts for people who are looking to show their friends that they’ll always be by their side.

A gorgeous trinket can say this — popping one of our hand-crafted gifts along with a lovely greetings card will be sure to paint a smile on their face quickly. Anyone will appreciate a little gift arriving by post, and it will surely make a positive difference in their day. Our pieces of jewellery come in different themes such as flowers and animals, so you’ll be able to find something personal that speaks to your friend.

Our range of quality necklaces, earrings, and cufflinks make for ideal friendship gifts, no matter whom you give them to. The gift boxes are made even more special with a greetings card that goes inside. We provide two options for the cards — you can give us a message that we’ll then print for you, or we can leave it blank so you can write your thoughts down yourself.

The Enter Heart Mission

At Enter Heart, we make it a point to work with UK-based businesses and artists whenever possible. Our team is completely devoted to the research and testing that goes into each product before making our wonderful creations. Moreover, we don’t just use words like “buying local” and “respecting the environment” — we practice what we preach.

We also ensure that we source packaging that’s both gorgeous and eco-friendly while being 100% free from plastic. As such, our outer packaging is made from sustainable mailer bags made out of sugarcanes.

Enter Heart believes that friendship is balsam to the soul, just like our eco-friendly gifts are balsam to the planet. Through this philosophy, we don’t just support the industry of our country but we also keep our carbon footprint to a minimum — we only transport goods around the UK. When you buy through us, you can show that you’ve carefully chosen a planet-friendly, special gift.

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So, what is a thoughtful gift? Exactly what we’ve described above! For a gift that can be given at any time of the year that will hold a special place in a loved one’s heart, choose Enter Heart. Visit our website today to pick out high-quality sterling silver jewellery perfect for any occasion. Depending on your needs, it can be customised to fit the recipient’s preferences or you can give it as is.