Perfect Heartfelt Gifts That a Daughter Can Give to Her Mum

What gift can a daughter give to her mother on her birthday? This is a popular question among daughters who wish to make their mums feel special and loved. After all, their mother is one of the most important and influential people in their lives.

Girls and women usually wonder what present they can buy for their mums whenever birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays roll around. However, some ladies also plan to get gifts for their mothers even when there is no particular occasion.

The unconditional love of every mummy is priceless so she deserves a token of appreciation on her birthday, as well as throughout the entire year. That’s why it’s a wonderful idea for each daughter to make an effort to select a gift that will put a smile on her mother’s face.

Keep reading to find out which factors daughters may consider when selecting presents for their beloved mums. Discover perfect gift ideas that will make it possible for you to pick a present for your mother that she will cherish for a lifetime.

What Factors Can a Daughter Consider When Choosing a Present for Her Mum?

Each mother is unique. These factors can guide every daughter to select a one-of-a-kind gift for mum:


Some mothers are bubbly and lively by nature, while others have a more chill and laidback disposition. Some women like flashy, colourful accessories and clothes, while others prefer apparel and items that have a more subtle, understated appeal. Keep your mum’s distinctive personality in mind when shopping for her present.


Different mothers have different interests. This Stay At Home Mum guide shares that there are over a hundred hobbies to choose from. On one hand, some ladies are into traditional pursuits like cooking, gardening, sewing, decorating, and shopping. On the other hand, certain mums are into hobbies with a more universal appeal, such as carpentry, metalwork, sports, travelling, reading, instrument playing, and more. Remember your mum’s interests when looking for a possible gift for her.


Ideally, the sky's the limit when purchasing your mother’s gift in the mall or via virtual stores. However, the reality is that it’s a smart idea for you to consider your budget when picking a gift. It’s okay for you to select a present that you can afford, especially since your mother will appreciate any gift that comes from you.

Thankfully, there are several free or value-for-money gifts that people such as yourself can choose from. Keep reading to discover excellent gifts for mums that won’t break the bank.

What Gift Can a Daughter Give to Her Mother on Her Birthday?

Here is a handy list of gift ideas for daughters like you who are wondering what you can get for your mother on her birthday and other special occasions:

DIY Artwork

Don’t just tell your mum how beautiful she is in your eyes; show her by drawing or painting her portrait. You can use charcoal to sketch your mother’s face on paper. You also have the option of creating a painting on canvas using acrylics or oil paint. The Artful Parent suggests that you add a crown to your masterpiece to let your mother know that she is the queen of your heart.

As an alternative, you can design digital artwork for your mum, instead of using traditional art materials. You can make a digital sketch from scratch using a stylus. You may also apply special effects on an existing photo of your mother using photo editing software or app. Print out an enlarged version of this digital artwork so that your mummy can fully appreciate it.

Stationery Sets by Local Artists

It’s a smart idea for you to give an attractive stationery set to your mother, especially if she is fond of sending mail to her relatives and friends. Instead of getting generic stationery from gift shops, you can scout for stationery sets that are personally crafted by local artists.

Aside from giving your mum a visually pleasant way to communicate with the key people in her life, you will also be showing support to the homegrown artists in your area by purchasing their work.

Personalised Coupons

Give customised coupons to your mother that will bring you closer together, not just on her birthday, but also during other times of the year. These coupons can feature mini treats and favours which your mother can redeem at any time. Some examples include a free massage, a dinner date with you, and a day pass that will exempt her from household chores for 24 hours. The mum blog I Should Be Mopping the Floor recommends other coupon ideas like a free hug, family movie night, spa treat, and shopping trips.

One way to create coupons is doing it manually. You can use good old paper, pens, and scissors to draw and cut out the coupons. Another way to make coupons is by designing them online and printing them out. What’s great about these coupons is that there is no expiry date so your mum can claim them whenever she likes.

Eco-Friendly Jewellery

The best way to show your mum that you care for her is by presenting her with handmade jewellery. This gift will last for a long time, just like your love for your mother and your special relationship with her.

Enter Heart jewellery is the ideal choice for mums, no matter what their personality is. The sterling silver jewellery will set off her unique beauty perfectly. These accessories can be worn every day, whether during special events or for running errands. They are luxurious and practical at the same time.

All the jewellery by Enter Heart is carefully handmade in the United Kingdom. They exude a special charm because they are specially crafted by artisans, not mass-produced by machines.

You can choose to give your mother a single sterling silver jewellery item or a set of two sterling silver jewellery items.

The jewellery package for your mum will include a greetings card that is hand-illustrated by local illustrators here in the UK. You can write a sweet message for your mother on the card to personalise it.

Finally, the jewellery you select for your mother will come in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging. This elegantly presented gift box is already impressive, so there’s no need for you to wrap it. You can simply hand it to your mother just as it is.

Enter Heart Jewellery Is the Perfect Gift for Your Mother

Remind your mummy that you love her by giving her sterling silver jewellery that she can wear every single day. Order Enter Heart jewellery gifts for your mother from our website today.