Top 7 Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts for Father of the Bride

Can’t wait for your wedding day? While this is such a special moment for you and your groom, it's also an emotional time for your dad. Don’t forget to honour him and make him feel loved on your big day.

Looking for something meaningful and eco-friendly? You’ve landed on the right article! Keep reading to discover seven different eco-friendly wedding gifts for the father of the bride.

What It Means To Give Wedding Gifts to Dad

More often than not, dads are expected to hand out gifts to their precious daughters and rarely end up receiving much in return. However, they’re sure to appreciate every simple gesture, especially on your wedding day! Give gifts to remind them how much you appreciate them as the first man you ever loved.

Eco-friendly wedding gifts for the father of the bride are perfect as these show how thoughtful and caring you are for the planet — exactly how fathers feel about their daughters! Eco-friendly gifts also fit perfectly for a formal occasion such as your wedding.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts for the Father of the Bride

1. Personalised Solid Oak Micro Plant Pot

Does your dad love gardening? Or, is he just starting to become a plant dad? Either way, this personalised plant pot will definitely put a smile on his face. You can keep the line “I will always look up to you no matter how tall I grow,” or you can write your own message to make it even more personal and heartfelt. Whether he puts it in his room or office desk, he will be reminded of how loved he is by his dear daughter.

2. Handcrafted Wooden Watch for Dad

One of the best eco-friendly wedding gifts for dad is this beautiful wooden watch from Tree Ticker. Carefully handcrafted, it’s made of 100% natural wood, sourced from responsible plantations.

Your dad will love the naturally striking colours of the zebrawood. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, too. The best part? You can choose to engrave the warmest message on the back of the watch to remind him of how much you treasure his love and care for you. You may be starting a new chapter in your life, but this watch will help him remember that you’ll always be his little girl!

3. Slim Bifold Wallet for Dad

Looking for useful, elegant and eco-friendly wedding gifts for the father of the bride? Include this slim bifold wallet from Corkor on your list! If your dad loves everything minimalist, then this wallet will surely be right up his alley. Simple and sturdy, it has six slots for cards, two slip pockets, and one top bill compartment.

This RFID-blocking wallet also received animal-free certification from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). So, you’re not only making your dad happy and safe but also helping promote sustainability and protect animals.

4. Classic Wooden Sunglasses

Does your dad love being outdoors? Why not give him a pair of quality wood sunglasses from Woodspex? With this stylish father of the bride wedding gift, he’ll enjoy 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays while out with his mates or colleagues.

They come with modern polarised lenses for a clearer view. With their classic design, your dad will be excited to wear these sunglasses gifted to him by his beloved daughter.

5. Solid Oak Whisky Tumbler

If he loves drinking whisky, then this solid oak whisky tumbler is a perfect gift for your dad on your wedding day! A great alternative to the usual whisky glass, it’s made from solid oak, which echoes how whisky is traditionally kept in oak barrels to elevate the flavour.

The tumbler also offers an attractive, round and elegant design. It’s lightweight and easy to hold. If you want a more customised gift, you can add a message, your initials, or your name, so your dad will always remember how much he means to you.

6. Engraved Natural Wood Picture Frame

This gorgeous picture frame by Kate Posh makes for one of the most memorable wedding gifts for the father of the bride. It’s made of high-quality natural wood and engraved with the most touching line ever. Imagine your dad looking at your picture together with the line, “Of all the walks we’ve taken together, this one is my favourite.” He’ll be moved to tears!

Whether he wants to hang it on the wall or display the picture frame on his table, it comes with a back stand and clips for wall mounting. The frame is sturdy enough too, so you know it’s long-lasting, like your love for your dad.

7. Amazing Pair of Cufflinks

If you’re looking for a unique, thoughtful gift for your dad that won’t hurt the environment, then get him a gift box with a gorgeous pair of cufflinks! What makes our cufflinks special, is that they are carefully hand-carved and recycled from Irish whisky barrel stave.

The sterling silver fastener is firmly attached to the wood, so you know your dad can happily use it for years to come. The beautiful gift box also comes with a greetings card, which you can leave blank, so you can handwrite your heartwarming message to your dad, or have it printed by us.

We can send the gift directly to your loving dad for a wonderful surprise!

Get Meaningful and Eco-friendly Wedding Gifts for the Best Dad Ever

Your wedding day might be about you and your groom, but you shouldn’t miss out on honouring and making your dad feel special. Give him a meaningful and eco-friendly gift, like one of our gift boxes, complete with cufflinks and greetings cards.