Why not treat your close friends to a present to let them know you care. If you are searching for unique friendship gifts UK, we have a great gift box collection that is perfect for your close pals. Inside each gift box is handmade jewellery crafted in the UK from recycled sterling silver. With a choice of quality earrings, necklaces and cufflinks, there are ideal friendship gifts waiting for you. 

Whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas or just because you want to spoil them, it's lovely to buy personalised gifts for friends . Organise a get-together and let your close friends know how much they mean by handing them a trinket you know they will adore. Our range offers gift ideas for friends that are sure to make them smile no matter what the occasion. And if they are miles away, we can post your chosen gift box directly to them. The packaging has been designed to slip through the letterbox so your gift can be delivered whether someone's at home or not. What a lovely surprise for your friends, presents that come in the mail are exciting and lots of fun to receive. 

What is a good friendship gift?

Good friendship gifts include vouchers for a spa or a new top from their favourite store and these presents are always well received. If you want unusual friendship gifts that are easy to organise, then take a look at our gift boxes. We are proud of our green credentials so our boxes are made from eco-friendly material and we make sure that the packaging is free from plastic as well. The silver in the jewellery is recycled, and the pieces are handcrafted locally so we can support British industry. Show you have carefully chosen a planet-friendly present by buying through us.

What is the best gift for female friend?

Ladies can never have too many necklaces or pairs of earrings so friendship gifts of earrings and necklaces are always happily received. It’s nice to have options when you change your outfit, and jewellery can make all the difference to how you look. Going out somewhere special or you just want to look your best for lunch, adding a touch of bling makes you feel dressed up and raring to go. Jewellery gift boxes are ideal for work colleagues, old friends, new friends and neighbours who are special too. 

What is a thoughtful gift?

Thoughtful friendship gifts show that you know your buddy well. Presents that reflect their personality or their passions are meaningful and well-considered. The pieces in our jewellery gift boxes come in different themes such as animals and flowers, so you can find something personal for your friend. To make the gift box more special, you can choose a greeting card to go inside. There are 2 options when it comes to the message inside the card – we can print your words for you, or you can write your thoughts by hand in a blank card. We are here to make Galentines gifts too, in fact, we have perfect presents for every event.

When you want to let your dearest pals know you are there for them, there’s nothing better than gifts for friends to boost their mood and send your love. Pop a gorgeous trinket in the post to them, with a cheery greeting card inside that will have them smiling in an instant. An unexpected little something that arrives in the mail is very thoughtful – send just because gifts to your bestie when they’ve had a tough time. It’ll make all the difference to their day.