If you know someone who is expecting a baby soon, treat them to a mum to be gift and bring a smile to their face. As her tummy grows and her fingers swell, expectant mums often feel uncomfortable and unattractive. She can feel exhausted and emotional so a little pick-me-up boosts her mood instantly. When pregnancy gets tiring for a close friend or member of the family, choose mum to be gifts to show you care about her.

Pregnancy gifts are lovely little presents that brighten the whole day. The new baby usually gets all the attention throughout the pregnancy so it’s nice to remember mum too and treat her to something special. Our jewellery gift boxes make perfect mum to be gifts. The boxes contain beautiful earrings or a necklace made from recycled sterling silver in the UK. The pieces have been carefully picked to be timeless and elegant – ideal for luxury pregnancy gifts. Inside the gift box along with the jewellery is a greeting card that you choose. We print your personal message inside the card if you tell us what you want to say. Alternatively, have a blank card included in the gift box and write your words by hand.

As well as having great presents for expectant mums, our collection makes lovely gift ideas for postpartum mums. Treat someone you know to a carefully designed jewellery gift box from us.

It’s important to consider the planet every day and that’s why we choose green packaging and products. Our gift boxes are constructed from eco-friendly material and we use alternative bubble wrap that is plastic-free. We have thought of everything to make our mum to be gifts perfect and easy to choose.

What is the best gift for an expecting mother?

Buying a gift for a pregnant woman is all about making her feel special. When you have a growing stomach, it’s not always easy to feel pretty, so a surprise present can cheer an expectant mum instantly. Choose lovely treats such as luxury lotions, bubbles for the bath or hair accessories to help the new mum feel good about herself. Also, look at our mum to be gifts for jewellery items that are lovely to wear with all outfits.

How do you congratulate expecting parents?

Mark the pregnancy by sending a gift box containing jewellery and a gift card through the post. Our collection is ideal and our gifts for mums to be is the best way to say congratulations on your pregnancy. Don’t forget the dad to be! We have cufflinks that have been handcrafted from old oak whisky barrels – they make a thoughtful present that is a joy to receive.

Once the little one has arrived, send a little something to say how happy you are for them with gifts for new mums. It’s very thoughtful to send a pick-you-up to the new mum after delivery. And to go that extra mile for someone close to you, don’t forget to add a lovely touch to the day by getting a first Mother’s Day gift to mark the occasion. It’s an exciting time and a day that can be shared by everyone who is dear to the new parents.

Gift for a friend who has PND?

Postnatal depression is more common than you think and is best monitored by professionals but if you have a friend who is having a difficult time, a small gift to show that you are thinking of her will help her. Knowing that someone is there, ready to offer support is reassuring.