Respecting the environment and supporting local industry have become buzzwords for many brands, but at Enter Heart, we practise what we preach.

Through extensive research and testing, we’ve sourced beautiful packaging that’s also eco-friendly and 100% plastic free. And wherever possible, we choose FSC certified suppliers.

We also use an eco-friendly bubble wrap alternative, and mailer bags made from sugarcane which can easily be recycled.

Wherever possible, we work with UK based artists and businesses. By doing this, we’re not only supporting British industry, we’re also keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible, as goods are only ever transported within the UK.

Silver-plated jewellery, or jewellery made from non-precious metals like brass and copper, ends up in landfill far too fast as it tarnishes quickly and permanently and, once the plating has worn away, can cause skin irritations and make allergies flare up.

Our jewellery is, and always will be, made from precious metals that, if polished regularly and cared for properly, will only grow more beautiful with age.

Throwaway fashion ain’t our thing.

Our jewellery items are also designed and handmade by artisans, not churned out by factories. Because they’re made by real people, with real care and attention, our items are infused with meaning and built to last.

At Enter Heart, we promote the act of gift giving as an expression of wonderful feelings.

Gifting is one of life’s great pleasures, and we want to help our customers find meaningful ways to show others how they feel about them.

Everything we do, from selecting our products to sourcing sustainable packaging materials, is done with the utmost care and thoughtful attention. Take, for example, the Japanese Washi tape that we use to hold our items of jewellery in place. It’s fully recyclable and waterproof, so it won’t be damaged by your recipient’s tears of joy as they open their package.

Our service is designed to be as simple and pleasurable as possible for the gift giver, with no collateral damage (we pay our suppliers fairly, treat them well, and respect the world we share).

All the good feels.

Enter Heart are always excited to meet, and potentially work with new people. We’d love to get to know you and your talents, whether you produce art, writing, or products.!