Our Gift Box is special.
Like everything else we do.

There’s thoughtfulness and thoroughness in everything we do.

Gifting jewellery shouldn't be a chore.

Let’s think about it. When you are looking for a jewellery gift, you need to find the jewellery first. Then you will most likely look for an accompanying greetings card. Finally, you will look for packaging.

They all must match nicely and you may even need a measuring tape to ensure that they fit together. It is very likely that you will need to visit several stores to find all you need.

This is not just a jewellery box.
And then there is our gift box. It has allocated space for the greetings card and the jewellery that sits next to it. When you open it, you see both of them next to each other straight away. Colours and designs, ideas and feelings.

A small box, so much in it.
Made in the UK
FSC Certified Paper
Letterbox Friendly
Everything you need for the perfect gifting experience.

Adding up to the thoughtfulness, we also took care of the practical aspects. Our packaging ensures that the jewellery you choose stays in place and doesn’t move around while the gift box is in transit.

It is letterbox friendly to ensure that even if your recipient is not in when the postman arrives, it will be delivered.

And here is some more goodness: it’s 100% designed and made in the UK, it’s FSC certified and plastic free, unlike most traditional jewellery boxes that use foam jewellery inserts, cellophane tapes and rubber bands. Those are actually plastic and end up in the landfill, polluting our precious environment.

That’s why our gift box is so special. We are committed to high quality standards, ethical practices and we love the idea of giving back to our community, by supporting the local market. We had to find the best box for our precious, handmade sterling silver jewellery.

And because the perfect gift box was not out there, we designed it ourselves.

That’s our way, the Enter Heart way.

Go on then!
Have a look at our curated collections where we created greetings cards and sterling silver jewellery sets and gave them some fancy names to make sure you’ll catch our drift or have fun creating your own combinations. We have a gift for every occasion - birthday, anniversary, wedding, new baby or even no special occasions at all - just a simple act of kindness. You do not always need a special day to show those special people in your life how you care and appreciate them, whether husband, wife, friends, colleagues or whoever else feels special to you and deserves a unique and special gift box that was created with care and meaning.